About Mark and Kathy

Mark and Kathy grew up in Winnipeg in the neighbourhood of Fort Garry where Church of the Rock is located. They have been married for over 30 years and have grown children.

Mark graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Agriculture in 1977 and ran the family owned farm for 10 years. It wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he entered Bible School and then went on to study New Testament Greek at Providence Theological Seminary. Mark has also been involved in politics over the years and in 1993 ran as a candidate in the federal general election.

In 1996 Church of the Rock began televising their services on Manitoba’s “A” channel. Since then they have expanded to include cities from coast to coast across Canada (See: Broadcast Schedule). Mark’s practical and humourous style has struck a chord with audiences of all ages and has consistently led the ratings for religious programs in every broadcast region.

Pastor Mark has a deep interest in the unity of the churches in Winnipeg and is respected as one of the principal leaders of a city-wide prayer movement. He was also a key organizer of North America’s largest March for Jesus, which was held annually in Winnipeg for 13 years and drew crowds of up to 50,000 people.

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